Venus Arm

Affordable and simple

Venus Arm is the most affordable bionic arm in the world. We don’t charge for shipping, labor, profits for the manufacturer, and the supplier. eBionics achieves this by designing a bionic arm such that anyone who needs it will be able to download a free model for 3D printing, print it out, order the other parts online and assemble the Venus Arm without any previous experience, within 1-2 hours.


eBionics achieved this by decreasing the number on parts drastically and creating a design that is easy to understand and assemble. We created the first universal socket by using a mold that is easily available online, so that the customer will be able to customize the socket within 15 minutes so it will fit perfectly and comfortably.


This makes it the most available bionic arm, since anyone can get the parts to assemble it from anywhere in the world. Also, one of the most important beneficiaries from this idea are the children, as because of their growth they can’t afford a bionic arm for a short period of time – this will give them a chance to modify their bionic arm as they grow.

*The new version of the eBionics bionic arm is not yet released. By registering interest you will be among the first with the chance to obtain a unit. The registration is FREE and non-binding